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The rapid development of in vitro diagnosis local technology enterprises provides a reserve force for the science and Innovation Board This is the fastest growing market and the highest technical level in the industry. " A pharmaceutical investment banker said in an interview with securities that in vitro diagnosis has been favored by the capital market in recent years

it can be seen from the listing process of in vitro diagnostic companies that biochemical companies dominated in the early stage, such as (), () and (). After 2016, immune and molecular diagnostic companies such as Antu biology, Kemp biology and minde biology began to enter the A-share market, while the number of biochemical companies began to decrease. Taking the change of experimental machine as an example to illustrate the structure and operation principle of the change of experimental machine, haoobo has rich 4G autoimmune detection technology in China; The in vitro diagnostic product line of Pumen technology focuses on the development of the technical route of electrochemiluminescence immunoassay; At present, rexing bio is the only enterprise in China that has realized the application of rare earth up conversion luminescent materials in immunoassay diagnosis technology and realized industrialization; Shuoshi biology first advocated multiplex fluorescence quantitative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) detection in the field of molecular diagnosis; Dongfang gene is one of the manufacturers with the most abundant product lines of POCT instant diagnosis applied to drug detection

in vitro diagnosis is the largest market segment in the field of medical devices. Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, especially the major breakthroughs in modern biotechnology, monoclonal antibody technology and microelectronic processing technology, the in vitro diagnosis industry has transitioned from the biological field to molecular biology. With the improvement of detection accuracy, the detection cycle has been greatly shortened, and the detection cost has been further reduced. These factors drive the rapid iterative development of in vitro diagnosis industry from experience to accuracy and from high cost to low cost

according to the statistics of the prospective industry research institute, the leading direction of the domestic in vitro diagnosis market has gradually shifted from biochemical diagnosis to immune diagnosis and molecular diagnosis. From 2010 to 2017, the market share of biochemical diagnosis in the domestic in vitro diagnosis market has decreased from 27% to 19%, the market share of immune diagnosis has increased from 27% to 36%, and the market share of molecular diagnosis has increased from 5% to 16%. As more enterprises enter the field of in vitro diagnostics with higher technical barriers, the development of China's in vitro diagnostics industry has gradually led to the transformation of food safety accidents from "quantity" growth to "quality" development. 164 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coatings are used as the core driving force to promote the development of the in vitro diagnostics industry in the field of 3D printing

as the high-end medical equipment and instruments in the in vitro diagnosis industry, immune diagnosis, molecular diagnosis and POCT represent the future development trend of the industry. GZ Hang Seng pointed out in the report that among the five in vitro diagnosis Sci-tech Innovation Board acceptance enterprises, four companies' operating revenue exceeded 200million yuan in 2018, with an average revenue growth rate of 29.33%, all of which have reached a certain scale. Landing on the sci-tech innovation board can raise funds for the future growth and development of enterprises, optimize resource allocation and enhance competitiveness

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