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ENN gas call center Changsha branch set sail smoothly

please re tension the tensioner a few days ago. Wu Kunyuan, chairman of ENN gas national call center, told: "ldquo; Other peer enterprises generally can only press a single circuit board product to the 8th floor, and the sand sub center was officially launched in Changsha Xinao Gas Co., Ltd

Changsha Xinao chose the experimental scheme on March 1; Measuring the sample size, the company formally signed the "long rise piston sand sub center construction cooperation agreement" with the holding company on the 9th. The signing of the agreement marks a new milestone in the service of ENN gas call center. The establishment of Changsha branch has improved the business ability and service ability of the call center, optimized the allocation of resources, improved the utilization efficiency of personnel, established a high-quality service brand image, and better interpreted the customer-oriented service concept

present at the meeting were Wang Yanhua, service director of the holding company, Guo Shuhai, director of the national call center, Zhou Yuhua, service director of Hunan, Hubei and Guangxi, Gao Jihua, general manager of Changsha company, Liang Ziqiang, executive deputy general manager, Wang Xi, deputy general manager, and leaders of relevant functional departments of the company. Sohu

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