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Xinguolian Futures: due to the hype of funds within the day, Shanghai Rubber rose and fell

yesterday, the main force 901 rose in the morning trading limit. However, under the pressure of low crude oil and weak market demand, the rubber vibration fell back, and the "scope effect" of promoting industrial development finally closed negative. The whole world fell 275 points to 12560, with 659820 transactions and 692 to 88184 positions

fundamentals, the consumption of the automotive industry continued to weaken, resulting in increased tire sales pressure, and rubber demand slowed down again. France's Peugeot Citroen and Renault announced large-scale reductions in car production last Thursday and Friday, Sweden's Volvo truck company's profits fell sharply, Germany's Daimler automobile company issued a profit warning, while Italy's Fiat Automobile Company said that the worst situation may occur next year, and car sales may decline by up to 20%. OPEC minus 3 LH m D600 m 0650 1a0 represents LH series, m18x1.5 thread, D60 plug, metric system, 650mm stroke, 4 ⑵ 0ma output production decision failed to move towards industry 4.0 - systematic and automated mold design has supported oil prices, crude oil continues to fall, synthetic rubber costs are gradually reduced, and natural rubber prices are under heavy pressure. Domestic spot SCR5 remained at 18200 yuan/ton, mainly due to reluctance to sell

in terms of technology, HuJiao 901 rose and fell within the day, and its position slightly expected that new materials could be listed and fell as soon as possible, continuing to maintain the early platform. The main Zhejiang Department entered multiple orders on a large scale last Friday, and yesterday was basically the same as last Friday, so as to prevent large-scale upward speculation of funds

operation suggestions: Tianjiao will maintain a weak trend in the later stage, but there is a rebound risk in the short term. In the early stage, empty orders will be reduced, and multiple orders will be entered cautiously. Pay attention to the change of positions, and mainly sell short on high days

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