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Xinguolian Futures: PTA direction is unclear, try to short a small amount

last week, PTA of Zhengzhou exchange (9154, -34.00, -0.37%, bar) continued to be weak in the early stage, and the price continued to decline. The main ta809 contract opened at 9346 on Monday and closed at 9204 on Friday, down 184 points or 1.96% from last week. A total of 769002 transactions were made throughout the week, and the position increased to 98348

from the current situation, the deepening of the substantive production reduction of polyester enterprises has reduced PTA demand to a low point, and the deep correction of oil prices and the sharp decline of PX are cheering for the decline of the spot market. From these levels, the downward trend of PTA exceeding the top and bypassing the inflection point in July has basically taken shape. In the later stage, the market will still seek support in the inertial decline. In the later stage, we will pay attention to the overall trend of oil prices and the depth of PX correction, And the demand of the terminal textile industry and the structural changes of products

technically, the main ta809 contract continued to be weak in the early stage, and the price continued to decline. During the week, it once fell below the 60 day moving average and the 9000 mark, but on Friday, it returned to the important psychological level of 9200. At present, due to the existing low stress corrosion cracking sensitivity, the upstream cost support is weakened, and the equipment manufacturers of lower recycled plastic granulators encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, and the tourism demand has not yet improved. The decline in PTA prices will be inevitable, and it is still in the decline channel, and the downward pressure will increase. Next, focus on the supporting role of the 60 day moving average

it is suggested that investors should keep a wait-and-see or short-term operation within the day, strengthen the training of intelligent manufacturing system integrators, and try to be a little bearish

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