The hottest xinguolian futures fell in the US doll

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Xinguolian Futures: the dollar fell, hurricane worries, inventory reduction, and oil prices closed positive for three consecutive days

the dollar's rise, hurricane worries, and crude oil inventory reduction boosted oil prices to close positive for three consecutive days, with an intraday peak of 119.6, and closed at 118.15 US dollars/barrel, up 1.88 US dollars

fundamentals, Tropical Storm Gustav generated on the Caribbean Sea, intensifying market concerns that the storm may threaten crude oil output in the Gulf of Mexico, and supporting higher oil prices in the short term. According to the report released by the US Department of energy information (EIA) on Wednesday, the US crude oil inventory decreased by 100000 barrels to 305.8 million barrels in the week of August 22, with an increase of 1million barrels expected. Support the current rise in oil prices. The EIA data released today showed that the crude oil demand of the United States in June was 3.9% lower than the previous expectation with such expansion, and 5.6% lower than the same period last year, indicating that high oil prices have hurt the demand for crude oil in the United States. Weak demand will also be the long-term pressure of rising oil prices

in terms of technology, the 10 day moving average continues to support, but the semi annual line and monthly line are still under pressure, which cannot be regarded as the end of the callback. In the short term, it is expected to shock and seek direction. MACD indicators cross upward, and pay attention to the pressure of $125. Shanghai oil opened higher and fluctuated during the day, but the lower half year line and the 10 day moving average were thrown to support it. In the short term, it is expected to fluctuate between the monthly line and the 10 day line in the same period

operation suggestions: crude oil is under pressure in the near future, and the support below is strong. It is expected to fluctuate in the short term. Shanghai oil also faces a sharp fluctuation in the market and short-term trading

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