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Xinguolian Futures: crude oil fell, Shanghai oil rose and fell

affected by the decline of crude oil in the outer market, the main domestic fuel oil 808 rose and fell in the morning, with a maximum of 5249 and a minimum of 5140 throughout the day, and its positions decreased by 12312 to 19992

fundamentals, the Irish referendum opposed the adoption of the Lisbon treaty after 15 years. With the support of US inflation data, the US dollar rose to a one month high against the euro, the US dollar index also hit a four month high, and oil prices fell under pressure. The US Department of labor said on the 13th that the US CPI rose 0.6% month on month and 4.2% year on year in May, and economists expected the median to be 0.5% month on month and 3.9% year on year. This is the highest annual rate since January. The price of fuel market in East China has remained stable for the time being, and we will wait and see the future of the external market. At present, the overall market turnover in the region is still light. The estimated price of 180CST warehouse with mixed high sulfur in East China market is yuan/ton, and the average price is stable

technically, crude oil fluctuated last week, and the short-term upward momentum weakened, but the MACD index rose, and the moving average diverged in a long way. The rise in the middle line remained unchanged, and there was momentum to continue to rise. Within 808 days, the main force of Shanghai oil company opened high, surged back, and reached a new high. The daily average was divergent, and the technical indicators were upward, so it was required to continue to rise. However, at the current price, it was widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, railway, aviation, bridge, electronic technology, national defense industry and other industries on the brin online rail. There was upward pressure to prevent the callback risk

operation suggestions: the rise in the middle line of crude oil remains unchanged, and there is a risk of correction in the short term. Both models of Shanghai oil are mass-produced. In the short term, they will passively follow the trend of crude oil. In the early stage, they will reduce their positions by more than one order, breaking 4800 to stop profits, and breaking 5000 to stop profits and losses in the short term

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