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Xinguolian Futures: crude oil plummeted, and Liansu faced another limit

pressured by the overnight decline in international crude oil and pessimistic market sentiment, the plastic contract on the Dalian Commodity Exchange opened at the limit in the morning trading on the 15th. After a slight struggle, it immediately returned to the opening price, and finally closed at the limit, with a daily trading volume of 13952 hands

in terms of spot manufacturers, after the ex factory price adjustment in a large area in the market the day before yesterday, the manufacturers still adjusted the price in a more suitable large-scale experiment. Jilin Petrochemical brand 7042 fell by 800 yuan, Yangzi Petrochemical brand 7042 fell by 800 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical brand 7042 fell by 800 yuan. The market prices around the country continued to decline, traders were pessimistic, received very little goods, and the downstream demand did not thaw. The supply and demand fundamentals of the plastics industry itself determine that the current decline is difficult to change, but investors should pay attention to the trend of crude oil in the short term. If crude oil shows signs of rebound, plastics may also stop falling. Oxfab-n is an unmodified PEKK

overnight crude oil fell by $4, down to $73/barrel, which is a major bad news for investors with plastic General PE elongation at 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low density polyethylene LLDPE is higher). It is expected that the plastic futures price will open at the limit and be closed for the whole day

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