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Xinguolian Futures: crude oil fell, Shanghai oil opened low and fluctuated

affected by the crude oil callback, domestic fuel oil opened low and fluctuated in 808 days until the end of the day, with a maximum of 4839 and a minimum of 4802. The end of the day closed at 4807, with 59470 transactions and 33386 positions throughout the day

fundamentals, overnight crude oil fell sharply to $128.85/barrel due to the rebound of the US dollar. On the 28th, the spot price in Shanghai continued to rise slightly, mainly supported by the tightening of market resources. Sellers are optimistic about the future market and are reluctant to sell their inventories, resulting in tight supply of market resources; However, buyers' interest in goods inquiry is low, and they continue to wait and see the future market. In terms of domestic imports, Huangpu quoted: Sinopec poster domestic blending 180CST to 5000 yuan/ton, with less inventory and spot cash withdrawal. In the domestic spot market and Shanghai market, the price of fuel oil rose slightly, and the quotation of domestic blended 180CST Kuti was 4770-4870 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic blending 380cst warehouse is 4580-4680 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic 250 Kuti is 4530-4660 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton. The quotation of imported high sulfur 180CST warehouse ships was 4970-5070 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; Import blending 380cst warehouse ships offered 4730-4830 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton; The quotation of Russian M100 is 5600-5700 yuan/ton, which is stable. Crude oil inventory data will be released in the evening. According to a preliminary survey of analysts by Dow Jones newswires, crude oil inventories in the United States are expected to decline slightly in the week ending May 23

in terms of technology, crude oil fell back at a high level, but the 10 day moving average was supported. At the same time, the technical moving average was divergent, and there was room for the improvement of production safety. 808, the new main force of Shanghai oil company, opened low and fluctuated, but the 10 day moving average was supported. 120 under the condition of ensuring the strength and safety performance of the car, the medium-term support line of the daily average rose well, and each daily average was divergent, and the probability of the middle line continuing to rise driven by crude oil was large

Pulling machine

operation suggestions: crude oil rises in a good shape, which brings impetus to the rise of Shanghai oil. Shanghai oil will passively follow the trend of crude oil in the short term, but domestic fuel lacks directional information and trades in the short term. In the early stage, the low-level multiple orders continued to be held, breaking 4800 to stop the profit

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