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Xinguolian Futures: crude oil seeks direction, Shanghai oil rose in intraday volatility

pressured by the US government and the International Energy Agency (IEA) that if Hurricane Gustav hits the Gulf of Mexico, oil reserves will be used and the rise of the US dollar, crude oil continued to fluctuate, and the main force of Shanghai oil rose in the 81st day, closing at 4931, up 68 points, 148328 transactions, 5550 positions to 45044 positions

fundamentals, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that if Tropical Storm Gustav attacks the Gulf of Mexico oil hub early next week, the organization will release its 707million barrels of strategic oil reserves. The independent operation can be carried out only after the U.S. energy is skilled. The Department also said that if Tropical Storm Gustav has a serious impact on crude oil supply, it will be ready to use strategic oil reserves. The decision of the International Energy Agency has affected the recently rebounded oil price, but due to the partial destruction of the surface pressure of the test piece, the data released by the EIA today showed that the crude oil demand in the United States in June was 3.9% lower than the previous expectation, and 5.6% lower than the same period last year, indicating that the high oil price has harmed the oil demand of the United States, which originally made the recycling and reuse of products more convenient at the end of their service life, Weak demand will also be the long-term pressure of rising oil prices

in terms of domestic spot goods, the price in Shanghai remained stable, which may be due to the stagnation of international oil prices. Some buyers believe that the price will not fall sharply again. The price of fuel oil in Nantong market remained stable, and the quotation of domestic hybrid 180CST warehouse ship was 4900 yuan/ton; The quotation of domestic 250 × warehouse ship is yuan/ton, which is stable. Due to the stability of the external market, the market has begun to show signs of recovery. Inquiry buyers increased, but the actual transaction is still not ideal. Shippers still have to cut prices under inventory pressure

in terms of technology, crude oil is still under pressure from the semi annual line and the monthly line, and continues to vibrate in the short term to seek direction, which cannot be regarded as the end of the callback. MACD indicators cross up, focusing on the pressure of $125. Shanghai oil opened higher and walked higher during the day, with support from the lower half year line and the 10 day moving average. The pressure on the monthly line broke through during the day, but the end of the callback remains to be seen. Pay attention to the 5000 position of the upper pressure and the 4780 support below

operation suggestions: crude oil has been volatile recently, and Shanghai oil also faces a sharp shock market. Short term trading, pay attention to the range, and follow up after breaking through, otherwise short-term participation

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