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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai Jiao still fluctuated sharply in the future market

Shanghai Jiao rose sharply on Monday, but Xinduo was cautious in increasing positions, and the overall position fell. The main 0603 contract opened at 17160 in the morning, and the intraday price followed the Japanese glue to fluctuate. The late closing was at 17310, with 125386 transactions and 2620 positions reduced throughout the day

from the technical point of view, Shanghai Jiaotong rose sharply on Monday, but it did not change the pattern of wide price fluctuations, and there is still pressure above. From the technical indicators, RSI (14) index returns to the 50 position, while KDJ index converges near the 50 position and has a golden fork trend; If understood from the perspective of wave theory, the current market is running in the third sub wave of the third small wave of the fifth wave, the overall pattern will be upward, but the trend will still show the characteristics of volatility; At present, the price is facing the short-term suppression of the downward trend line composed of the high on October 18 and the high on November 28; The strong resistance position of the main 0603 contract is on the line of 17460, which is the high point of the last round of decline. The highest price to the low point on October 18 was 11. It is also the "breathtaking leap" proposed in Marxist economics. The decline of the lowest price on September 18 was retrenched by 0.382. At the same time, it is also the position of the stage high point on September 8. Judging from the current situation, prices expand the scope for shocks, but the low and high points show signs of rising, and continue to maintain the view of upward shocks. In addition, the Japanese rubber index has challenged the previous record high of Shanghai Rubber index in advance. If it breaks through this high point effectively, the upside space will be opened. Therefore, at present, we should maintain a cautious and optimistic view and appropriately hold multiple orders in the middle line

in terms of fundamentals, demand is still light, but supply concerns will gradually be exposed. Japanese rubber futures hit their highest level in more than 17 years on Monday, as the weakening yen and rising oil prices pushed new fund buying, but the spot market was quiet due to the holiday in Thailand, a major rubber producer A trader in Tokyo said, "I think the weakness of the yen and the popularity of good commodity markets drive the market. At present, I have not heard any reports of supply problems in Thailand." The trader added: "oil prices are approaching $60. These factors support the market." The rise in the Tokyo market boosted prices in Indonesia The FOB price of Indonesia's January/February shipment sir20 rose to 73 cents per pound at the port of Bela Bay, North Sumatra, and 73.25 cents per pound at the giant port of South Sumatra Last week, the electronic universal experimental machine adopted the latest technological achievements in the field of electronic technology and offered a selling price of between Between 25 cents The price of SMR20 in Malaysia is flat at 1 $63 The Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in May is quoted at 1.00 per kilogram FOB It is an ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration departments, etc. 61 dollars The Thai market was closed for the holiday on Monday TOCOM futures also followed the trend of crude oil futures prices Crude oil futures rose to $60 as it was expected that the weather in the northeastern United States would be colder in December Traders said that Malaysia and Thailand are expected to experience heavy rainfall when no load is imposed this week, and the supply of the two countries may increase The tight supply in Thailand earlier this year pushed the price of Tokyo rubber to a multi-year high "The weather has been good in recent days, and supply may pick up," traders said "But I don't think there will be much activity in the spot market," he added Domestically, the demand is still cautious. On the whole, the market transaction is light. Most of the domestic natural rubber production areas in Yunnan have stopped cutting. It is reported that private farms no longer produce standard rubber. Hainan agricultural reclamation stopped cutting in late this month. Domestic available resources are limited, and it is difficult for future prices to have much room to fall

based on the above analysis, Chinese buyers' buying enthusiasm in the international market is rising, while crude oil also temporarily shows a desire to rise, providing an opportunity for Shanghai Jiaotong to stabilize its rise. However, as the buying interest has not been effectively stimulated, the aftermarket price is still volatile. From an operational point of view, to maintain the view of last week's weekly report, we can try to appropriately intervene in multiple orders, with the main 0603 contract losing by 17000 and the middle line holding

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