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There is strong demand in the international paper market

in recent years, the world paper market has been in a weak state, and there has been a turnaround in early 2000. In April 2000, the price of paper was raised by $50 per ton, and the price was raised for the second time in September, without resistance. At present, the price of standard quantitative (48.8g/m2) paper has reached US $620 to US $650. The market demand is strong, the supply is tight, and the inventory is down

at the same time, ahitibi con sol idated Co., the world's largest paper producer, announced the closure of a series of production plants and production lines with high production costs, such as the paper machines of w.tacom a paper mill and w ayagam ack paper mill, after the acquisition and merger of D on adn. Ind astries in C., and is expected to reduce production capacity by 400000 tons; Upm-kymmen e announced that its subordinate sfratocal paper mill's new trial practice Shangwen paper production line was changed to produce other cultural paper

in Europe, the new paper mill of German h a ind Le company was put into operation. In Asia, paper supply exceeds demand and the market is strong

the average annual consumption of paper figurines in various regions and countries in the world is extremely uneven, with great differences. The average annual consumption of paper figurines in some developed countries is as high as 40 kg to 50 kg, or even more. The average annual consumption of paper figurines in the world in 1999 was 6.32 kg, that in Asia was 2.45 kg, and that in Africa was only 0.58 kg. Therefore, it is expected that in a quite long period of time (such as before 2020), the demand for paper in the world, especially in Asia, which has a large population and rapid economic development, may only increase last month and will not decrease

in 1999, the average annual consumption of paper people in China was about 1 kg. In the past 10 years, the consumption of paper in China has soared by 3.1 times, and the output has increased by 2.55 times

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