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The 4th International Conference of recent progress in graphene Research (RPGR) was held at the Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences on October 3 with the strong support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of science and technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a series of conferences held in Asia, RPGR is one of the most important conferences on graphene in the world. RPGR has received the attention and participation of internationally renowned scholars such as Professor Andre Geim of the Nobel Prize in Physics (Professor Andre Geim and his collaborator Professor Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in physics for opening the oil return valve in 2010 for their outstanding contributions in the field of graphene). The first three RPGR meetings were hosted by South Korea and Singapore respectively

academician gaohongjun of the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences served as the executive chairman of the conference. Konstantin Novoselov, who has an important influence in the field of graphene Research (2010 Nobel Prize in physics, long glass fiber reinforcement technology is mainly used by automotive developers, Manchester University, UK), Professor Phaedon Avouris (IBM, USA); Professor Klaus muellen (Max Planck Institute, Germany); Professor Philip Kim (Columbia University, USA); Professor Allan MacDonald (University of Texas at Austin, USA) and Professor A. Castro Neto (Singapore National University, Singapore) made the conference report. 46 scholars from Asia, North America, Europe and Australia who are well-known in the field of graphene research made an invited report. The presenters introduced their latest research progress, and the participants had extensive exchanges and discussions on relevant issues

At the conference, the relevant work of Chinese scientists was fully demonstrated for its high sports effectiveness. Gaohongjun, academician of the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported on the research progress in "the preparation and characteristics of high-quality graphene materials that are compatible with silicon-based foundations but have little impact on the price (except gate type)", pointed out its application prospects in future electronics, and won great interest and high attention from Professor Konstantin Novoselov, the Nobel Prize winner in physics, and others; Bao Xinhe, an academician of Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported on the application of LEEM technology in the study of graphene catalysis; Researcher Cheng Huiming of Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher Liu yunqi of Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the growth of high-quality graphene materials by CVD technology and its application in energy and other fields; Academician Yang Wei, President of Zhejiang University, reported the evolution of the structure of single-layer graphene by TEM

as of the end of the conference on October 6, the conference has attracted more than 600 researchers from related fields at home and abroad. It is the largest international academic conference with the theme of graphene and two-dimensional atomic crystal research in history. The work of the meeting was highly appraised by the participating experts

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