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Impact the domestic market! This international coating giant will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market

and impact the domestic market! This international coating giant will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market

December 6, 2018

recently, executives of DSM, an international coating giant, said in an interview that they continue to be optimistic about the future sustainable development prospects of the Chinese market and will continue to increase investment in research and development and production in China

it is reported that Martin vlak, general manager of DSM special resin business, said: "in the next few years, China will go further and further on the path of sustainable development, and the growth rate will even exceed that of other countries. This trend shows us huge business opportunities." He said that DSM's coating technology will enter a lot of end-user markets, and occupy a dominant position in some market segments, such as container coatings and furniture coatings. At the same time, the automotive coating market is also a rising market, with more and more automotive coatings turning from solvent to water-based coatings. In addition, in the field of printing, sustainable growth is becoming more and more important

Shruti singhai, chief marketing officer of DSM resin functional materials division, said that despite the impact of the global economic slowdown, DSM's business is still growing this year. "In the future, sustainable development and innovation are still our development priorities to see how many circles it will break. We will continue to invest in Shanghai (China) headquarters. 5. R & D capacity and personnel development during the experiment. We will also increase production investment in China." He said that in addition to developing very well in container coatings, DSM will further promote the sustainable development of flooring materials, transportation and metals in the future

it is understood that DSM began trading with China as early as 1963. At present, DSM's regional headquarters and R & D center in China are located in Shanghai. The company owns real gold plate in China. Class a fireproof insulation board is a thermosetting insulation material and has 25 production bases. Last year, its sales in China exceeded 9billion yuan

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