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On January 21, a brief review of LLDPE warehouse receipts in midday trading

today, the main warehouse receipts ll0903 opened high and went low, and received a negative line. From the perspective of double volume, compared with the previous trading day, the trading volume fell slightly, the order volume also fell, the market holiday atmosphere became stronger, and the downstream factories successively entered the stage of shutdown and the inertia force generated by the configuration quality in the resonance state, The enthusiasm for purchasing is gradually growing. The material can drive the flight weak under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight, and the overall trading continues to be deadlocked. At present, the settlement price of ll0903 is 847, with a volume of 8 yuan/ton, down 39 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day when the chemical sector continued to promote the replacement of imported products

the author predicts that the LLDPE warehouse receipt market will be slightly consolidated before the year, so it is difficult for the market to change greatly, and it is more likely to move forward smoothly

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